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Indoor Training - Bike Racers... Triathletes... Cycling Enthusiasts... we all need it.

At D2 Cycling Center we offer a variety of structured Indoor CycleSport Training packages fitted to your personal needs. All of our training blocks are designed and led by certified coaches and trainers helping make your goals attainable.

Our coaching methodology incorporates a multiphase whole-body training philosophy. Utilizing state of the art equipment and technology with our CompuTrainer platform to build cycling strength and endurance; Plyometrics for total body conditioning; Yoga poses for flexibility; as well as traditional floor work for core training, we have the right tools and coaching to get you fit and fast in a comfortable climate controlled environment.


Structured Training:

Ideal for those athletes that want to maintain fitness in the off season or want to improve before the racing season starts. Our indoor bike training offers you a safe and comfortable environment to train all year long.


Performance Conditioning (PC) – Training that will get you to the ‘next’ level in your cyclesport events. If you’re looking to post your fastest bike splits at an Olympic or Half IronMan distance Triathlon, Cat up next racing season, or complete your fastest century ride… these sessions will give you the foundation to perform your best.


Pain is Temporary!


Structured Training


Performance Conditioning - 11 Weeks (11 Sessions)

Performance Conditioning Sessions focus on Cycling Strength, Power and Muscular Endurance. This 11 week block will challenge you through a combination of hill work, long duration intervals, time trial challenges and our cycling specific core work and stretching.

Summer Block B Training (July 9th - September 20th)

Class Schedule

Mondays - 6:00pm

Tuesdays - 6:00am and 6:00pm
Thursdays - 6:00am

Two days of Block B Performance Conditioning per week - $296



Event Specific Training:



Six Gap Training


Hill Climbing Training - 11 Weeks (13 Sessions)

From July 9th to September 19th we will be hosting our indoor Six Gap Training block specifically designed to not only help you get stronger and faster, but to climb better. This training block will run on 11 consecutive Wednesday evenings and will also include 2 bonus long "climbing" courses on Saturday August 25th and September 8th.

Class Schedule
Wednesdays - 6:00pm

Thursdays - 6:00pm

Only 16 Spots Available!


Olympic & 70.3 Training


Endurance Event Training - 14 Weeks (30+ Sessions)

Pick your fall event  (we're targeting both the Atlantic Coast Tri on October 14 and the Miami Man on November 10) then join us for some of the most comprehensive training available.


Our Endurance Event Training includes:

Event Specific Training Plans for all 3 Events

Weekly Performance Conditioning Indoor Bike Session

Weekly Group Speed Work/Run Interval Session

6 Group Bike/Run Bricks

3 Open Water Swim Sessions

Only 10 Spots Available!



Unstructured Blocks:


W.E.T.  (Weather Encroached Training)

$12 - $20*

Cold and wet weekend days can really be disappointing to a cyclist, so we will be here for you on days when it's raining or the temperature drops below 55. On weekend days when the weather does not cooperate we'll have sessions so that you can get your saddle time. Courses are of varied terrain and range from 24-32 miles.


*Program Athletes Receive a 50% discount.


OPEN A few blocks of time each week are left open for our athletes to drop in and 'do their own thing' for a couple hours. Want to race your friends head to head on a TT, want to ride the "Escape from Alcatraz" bike leg, or do an impromptu team head to head? Call in advance and we'll put you on the schedule.

OPEN & W.E.T. Sessions are open to anybody however preference will be given to athletes currently participating in a structured training block, personal coaching and those with  packages.

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