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Extra Stuff that we just do...

Your purchase from D2 Cycling Center marks the beginning of our relationship, not the culmination... we want to make sure that our relationship is a long and positive one. Our goal is not to sell you a product or service but rather to help you make an educated and informed decision on all your cycling needs. Experience has shown that when a customer is treated as a respected and integral part of the process we are able to meet or exceed expectations on a regular basis. However, if we, or a product you purchase from us, fails to meet your expectations please don't hesitate to let us know.

At D2 Cycling Center we offer our valued clients a host of services that we feel will enhance our ongoing relationship and make D2 Cycling your choice for your current and future cycle sport needs.

Free Adjustment Period

During the first few months of riding a new bike (after a Mechanical Rebuild and Major Tune Up too), it's not unusual for  your new bike's cables to stretch or for nuts, bolts and bearings to "settle in". To ensure that your new bike stays safe and road ready, we offer a Free 3-month Bicycle Adjustment Period! Appointments are recommended so that we can spend adequate time on your adjustments.

Tire Hazard Assurance

We know that unfortunate things can happen out there on the road... so, we offer our customers some protection on their tire investment. When you purchase a set of tires from D2 Cycling Center you get the benefit of our Tire Hazard Assurance. Which will give you a 40% discount on replacement tires if one (or both) of your tires are damaged beyond repair within 120 days of original purchase.

Free Installation*

Our retail prices include installation... this means that we will install your new component upgrades and accessories that you purchase from us at no additional cost.

* Free Installation does not apply to bar tape, cables, tubes, tires, or accessories costing less than $10.

New Bike Buyer Discounts

Most customers need a few accessories when they purchase a new bike, such as water bottle cages, lights, a computer, and so on. To help make sure that you are road ready when you leave our shop we will extend a 20% discount to all bicycle accessories (excludes Special Order Items) purchased along with your bike and for 30 days after. 





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