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Maintenance & Repair Services

We are Service Pro's

D2 Cycling Center offers a full range of professional workshop services from puncture repairs and minor adjustments all the way up to fully comprehensive overhauls. Our mechanics are certified and accredited by the United Bicycle Institute and we have a proud tradition of exceeding expectations in the care given to every bike we service. Whether itís a minor tune-up or a major overhaul, you can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time.

  Some of the services we provide


A~la~Carte Services Menu front rear
Adjust Brakes $9 $9
Adjust Derailleur $12 $15
Install Tube or Tire $6 $9
Replace Brake Cable $18 $23
Replace Brake Cartridges $8 $8
Replace Derailleur Cable $22 $25

Clean & Lube Drivetrain


Ceramic Jockey Wheel Retrofit $90

Install Cassette


Install Chain


Install Cleats (fitting not included)


Install Crankset & Pedals


Install Handlebars & Wrap


Install Pedals


Install Saddle (fitting not included)


True Wheel - basic


True Wheel - major (spokes extra)


Quick Lube & Inflate Tires


Wrap Bars


Service Bundles
For details of specific service bundles click the title above:
Pit Stop Service $60
Performance Tune Up $150
Mechanical Rebuild $360
Comprehensive Overhaul $500
Annual Service Bundles
For details of the annual service bundles click the title above:
Complete Care $360
Performance Care $780



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