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Weekly Ride Line Up at D2

Mellow Monday...

6pm Monday evenings for an easy 18

Mellow Monday Rides

will resume in the spring.

"Born To Be Mellow?"

D2 Cycling's Mellow Monday rides are perfect for fast guys looking for a "social" recovery, as well as for newer riders eager to learn group riding skills, road rules and etiquette.

With an average pace of 18-19 mph, the Mellow Monday ride insures that the whole group stays together allowing some to learn a few new things, and others to recover.

All riders are welcome to participate on our Mellow Monday rides provided they can hold a pace of 18mph for an hour, have basic understanding of group ride etiquette and are willing to learn good group riding skills and safe road riding.


7:30am Wednesday Mornings...

as hard as you want

Beat the Heat Midweek...

If you have your mornings free, why not beat the heat and join us for a morning romp around Lake Monroe? Rolling at 7:30am our Wednesday morning ride leaves as a single group and warms up along the North side of the lake, then at Main St. you have a choice... hit it with the front group at 22-24mph or stay back and enjoy the ride at 18-19mph. Either way, it's a great ride and you'll be back to the shop by 9am.





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