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D2... ISM Saddle Fit/Demo Center

Have you seen one of those funny looking saddles lately? Or heard about somebody who just absolutely loves their ISM Adamo saddle? If you'd like to find out what they're talking about, D2 can hook you up! We are now the premier fit & demo center in Seminole County for the ISM saddles.

ISM has been the saddle of choice for Olympians, Ironman Triathlon Athletes, Professional European Bike Racers, and Weekend Warriors alike. Their patented saddles are unisex and remove pressure off the pudendal nerve and arteries in both male and female riders for un-paralleled comfort.

At D2 there is no charge to demo/trial one of these proven saddles for a week, and if you love it too, we'll order it up and install it for you for free. You've got nothing to loose and so much comfort to gain.







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